About.me is About You

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Have you heard about.me? Not me. About.me is a personal linking site that showcases your major social sharing sites/profiles and a short bio all on a creative background. Consider it a landing page that’s all about YOU or a business card webpage.

About.me was launched a few months ago and has recently gained some popularity. The famous landing site also incorporates Google analytics allowing you to see which one of your social media platforms is the most popular. The cool factor about this site is the ability to house all those social media links. Considering that there are so many social sharing sites that one can be a part of РPosterous, Instagram, Formspring, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc. РAbout.me gives users the ability to remember only one link and now offers users a chance to get 50 free business cards that are printed with their about.me profile and a QR code.

If you’ve always wanted a single landing page for all your web profiles, consider checking out about.me. For an example of an about.me profile, check out my landing site. What will your about.me page say about you?

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