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Katie Wagner Social Media is a team of journalists that care about and support our clients, and each other. We are motivated by our clients’ success, and we know that we do our best work when we have each other’s backs.


We believe that telling your story is powerful.

With social media, companies have been given the opportunity to express ourselves to our customers in a way that has never been possible before. They can understand us in new ways – and we can understand them.

That kind of connection doesn’t just lead to more business, it creates a relationship. It allows us to be more than just another business trying to sell something. Instead, we can engage with potential customers with authenticity. We can be genuine, transparent, and, well, human.

KWSM exists to help great companies build stronger connections with their customers. If you want your customers to know who you are, you have to speak up.

It’s time to tell your story.


Our mission statement:
Katie Wagner Social Media is a team of journalists that help businesses build relationships with their customers and prospects.


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