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Mar 23

Best Targeting Techniques for Facebook Advertising

Once you’ve established a presence for your brand online and on social media, you might consider Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is a unique beast and differs from traditional PPC ads. As a Facebook advertiser, you are creating posts that are not just compelling and eye-catching, but are grabbing the attention of the right users; the […]

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Mar 22

Why Your Small Business Needs to be on Social Media

Social media is vital to the success of businesses, especially small businesses. Some may consider this an exaggerated statement, but not according to a recent Pew Research Center study. The study revealed that nearly 70% of Americans are on a form of social media. To put things in perspective, only 5% of people used social […]

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Mar 21

What Questions Should You Be Asking On Social Media?

When it comes to asking questions, you’re bound to find someone, or something, with the answer! As a business, asking questions through your content is one of the best ways to get your audience engaged and start an open forum to receive feedback and get to know your followers. Mostly everyone on social media likes […]

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Mar 20

Real Talk: How To Ensure Your Brand Has An Authentic Voice

Cut the chitchat; it’s time for some real talk! Social media is a valuable tool that many businesses have used to create a direct connection with their fans. But just like a game of telephone, it’s easy to get your intended message mixed up if your voice isn’t clear enough. The key to being able […]

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Mar 16

Mix it Up! Crafting the Perfect Social Media Cocktail

With a recipe and some creativity, you can concoct a powerful drink that’s perfect for satisfying your taste buds. But while some like cocktails that are smooth and subtle, others love stiff drinks that with a distinctive kick! What happens when you adjust your measurements and ingredients to create a flavor profile that’s uniquely your […]

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