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Apr 27

The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make on Social Media

Trust is an important factor in all relationships. Whether it is a romantic, personal, or professional relationship, trust is a consistent factor that all strong connections are built. The bond between you and your social media audience is no different. To be successful on social media, you must be trustworthy to your audience. The biggest […]

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Apr 26

How to Network on Facebook and Instagram to Expand Your Audience

Whether you love it or hate it, networking is something we all have to do in our professional lives. And guess what, it’s just as important on social media, especially when you’re running a business. We’re not just talking about following up with a lead on LinkedIn to grab coffee. Not many people think of […]

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Apr 24

3 Things Companies Look For When Working With Influencers

They don’t call it social media for nothing! Sometimes when it comes to connecting and marketing to an audience online, collaborating with others is key. After all, you can’t make it to the top of the pyramid without someone else giving you a leg-up! If your brand is looking for a boost, it may be […]

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Apr 20

3..2..1.. Blast Off! Launching Your Next Product On Social Media

How do you go viral? It’s a question we hear all the time from clients looking to promote their “next big thing.” Unfortunately, the answer is simple. There is no viral button you can push to suddenly blow up online. The Chewbacca Mom video and the mystery of the gold and white dress hit the […]

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Apr 19

Top 3 Email Subject Line Pet Peeves That Needs to Stop

Have you ever gotten a text in all caps and wondered, “Why on earth is this person shouting at me?” That’s exactly how your subscribers feel when they see an all caps subject line in their inbox. Last week we uncovered the secrets to crafting a compelling subject line, but now it’s time for a […]

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