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Feb 1

A Guide to Creating the Right Type of Promotional Content

People use social media to catch up with friends, watch endless tutorials, and stalk way more profiles than they would admit. One of the last things they want to see on their social feed is an overly promotional post from businesses. Facebook also penalizes marketers for this type of content by limiting its visibility in […]

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Jan 25

4 Steps to Connect with the Right Audience on Social Media

  Social media is a competitive arena, full of marketers trying to promote their products and services. It’s more than just getting the most amount of followers. Understanding who to target and engage with online is one of the most essential tactics to succeed in your social media marketing efforts. Once you start delivering targeted […]

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Nov 17

Social Media Hidden Gems

You’ve heard about the big guys – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and chances are you are already using them to promote your business. Popular social media sites like these are important, but are you missing out on an opportunity by not expanding past the most talked about sites? We stress the importance of finding your audience […]

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Apr 7

3 Best Places for Longer Posts on Social Media

We’ve all been the victim of this social media misconduct: endless rants on Facebook. While the world’s most popular platform gives you the ability to write long form posts, it doesn’t mean this is the appropriate outlet for it. Reach the right audience and unleash your update without restrictions using these three platforms. Blogs Blogs […]

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Jan 22

Four Step Social Media Audit for your Small Business

An annual audit is a necessary evil for all healthy businesses. It helps establish which divisions or departments are performing the best and which processes are working most efficiently; conversely, an annual audit can identify the areas that could use an overhaul. In terms of your social media initiatives, conducting an audit on your channels […]

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