LinkedIn Providing More Information to Job Seekers; Will it grow channel?
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LinkedIn is hoping that a bolstered job board will bring more users, and more importantly more frequent users to the platform. It’s one of the trending stories in social media this week. LinkedIn Introduces Salary Insights LinkedIn is bolstering its … Read More

Facebook Cleans Up Its Ad Metrics
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Facebook is getting a head start on spring-cleaning! The social network is decluttering the Ads Manager in an effort to streamline the way businesses measure their ad campaign performance. Facebook will be removing any metrics they see as redundant, outdated, … Read More

Long Live Social Media Lists: Facebook Adds Popular Feature

If you are an avid blogger or a reader of blogs, you no doubt are familiar with Listicles, write-ups on social that offer you content like, “the 27 best vacation spots,” or “the 18 famous athletes with their own brands.”   … Read More

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