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Apr 21

Beware of the Bots

While we may not like to admit it, we’ve all found ourselves in the drive-thru line of a fast food restaurant once or twice. And while it fills you up, it’s nothing to write home about. It certainly doesn’t compare to a delectable home-cooked meal. Chatbots aren’t so different. Like fast food, chatbots serve a […]

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Apr 20

3..2..1.. Blast Off! Launching Your Next Product On Social Media

How do you go viral? It’s a question we hear all the time from clients looking to promote their “next big thing.” Unfortunately, the answer is simple. There is no viral button you can push to suddenly blow up online. The Chewbacca Mom video and the mystery of the gold and white dress hit the […]

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Apr 19

Top 3 Email Subject Line Pet Peeves That Needs to Stop

Have you ever gotten a text in all caps and wondered, “Why on earth is this person shouting at me?” That’s exactly how your subscribers feel when they see an all caps subject line in their inbox. Last week we uncovered the secrets to crafting a compelling subject line, but now it’s time for a […]

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Apr 18

In A Sea Of Content, Here’s How To Spot Fake News

How many times have you read a news article online, only to find out it wasn’t true? On social media, anyone can say what they want with little to no repercussion! This can be a good thing because people are free to voice his or her opinion, but it can also lead to false information […]

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Apr 13

Twitter Chats – Do They Really Work?

There’s a party going on in your industry on Twitter where specialists and newbies alike gather to discuss the latest trends, news, tips, and tricks in the biz. But don’t worry, this party’s not invite-only. Anyone can join in on the conversation! So what’s the big mystery? Join your first Twitter Chat and find out! […]

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