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Jun 5

Digging Deep With Twitter’s Advanced Search

Twitter’s main search tool is handy for quick searches, but you may need something more robust to reach your ideal audience. Using the “advanced search” feature can help you pinpoint your search to the specific criteria that you’re looking for. photo credit: @oliviaosmundson_music

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Apr 24

Social Share Buttons For Your Website

One great way to grow your fanbase on social media is to add social share buttons to your website or blog.  These buttons can link to your social media pages or display content streams in place.  These buttons will enable your followers to share your content on their social channels more easily. photo credit: @francicu

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Sep 20

Choosing The Correct Social Media Channels

The constantly changing landscape of social media means that there isa virtually endless number channels available today. Business owners should be constantly evaluating what channels are most effective in order to reach the largest possible audience.  Often times the same content may be more effective on another channel, or can be shared across multiple platforms […]

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Sep 13

Use Feedback to Create Better Content

Frequent users of social media may have been offered unsolicited advice from one of online followers. Rather than writing these opinions off, consider using the suggestions as a form of market research.  Ask for feedback, poll your audience, and engage your followers to contribute to your channel.  You will not only increase your fanbase, but you may […]

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Sep 5

Google My Business

Google has combined the capabilities of several services to bring online marketers a new platform called “Google My Business.”  This platform incorporates Google+, Google Places, Google Search into the same interface. It allows business owners to create consistent branding across all Google services at the same time. Photo Credit:kekokky

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