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Jun 14

5 Tricks for Writing Enchanting Short Copy on Social Media

Remember the college days when you use to groan at the task of writing a 3,000-word paper? Marketing can really make you miss those days sometimes and Mark Twain’s words explain it best. “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead,” said the famous writer. Marketing requires […]

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Jun 9

What Happens When I Block Someone On Social Media?

Social media is an incredible tool to connect with family, friends, consumers, and businesses. But just like real life, you might come across someone you’d prefer not to engage with. Whether it’s an Internet troll, spam account, or simply someone that gets under your skin, you might one day find yourself reaching for the block […]

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Photo Credit: @Vice
Jun 5

Repetition Is Redundant: Generate Fresh Content For Your Social Media

Don’t fret! With careful thought and creativity, keeping your social media content fresh and exciting will keep people interested in your business. So how can you keep your content fresh, real and engaging?   Post an engaging question: People love giving their opinions and sharing personal experiences on social media. An easy to way to […]

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May 24

Why a Social Media Obsessed Teenager Can’t Run Your Business’ Social Media

Would you allow your 17-year-old to take charge of your business’ finances? “Absolutely not!” “Are you insane!” “Not in a million years!” We’re sure you’re internally shouting one of these G-rated responses while reading this. But believe it or not, handing over your business’ social media accounts to your teenager is just as bizarre. Social […]

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May 23

Find Your Influencer! Here’s How To Choose The Right Influencers For Your Brand

In today’s world, it seems some influencers have the golden touch! The latest trend in online advertising is social media influencers, which are popular social media socialites that have a devoted following and fan base. These influencers offer their opinions and insights, shaping buyers’ minds. With the rise of the influencers, comes the switch in […]

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