Don’t Let Inspiration Become Imitation When Crafting Your Ads
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  Everyone knows that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” right? There is a ring of truth to that, and keeping an eye on what competitors are doing is essential to keeping ahead of the curve, but in social … Read More

Learning How To Test Your Audience Is A Necessary Social Media Skill

If you’re investing money, and you find an investment that is low-risk, high-reward, you’d take an interest. If $5 can get you $50, chances are you take that chance. Social media is exactly that low-risk, high-reward investment that you would … Read More

How to Grow Your Brand’s Presence Using Other Businesses

There was a time when we proclaimed Facebook Inc. the reigning champion of leveraging the power of competition. Then we got to thinking—we all could learn a thing or three from Facebook for our marketing strategies. While it helps to … Read More

Tired Of The Long Slog Building Twitter Threads? You Might Be In Luck!

If you are on Twitter (and you should be), you have probably seen this more times than you can count: “Thread” Threading has become a popular new form of communicating on Twitter, and it has gained traction over the last … Read More

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