Celebrate Halloween the Social Media Way

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Happy Halloween! While you’re planning the perfect party, picking/making your latest costume, and gorging on candy we’re celebrating Halloween the only way we know how – social media style. C’mon, we’re a social media company; it’s what we do best and it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t geek out.

If you’re nerd or geek like us, you’ll love these creative ways to celebrate Halloween social media style:

Social media costumes:

This year, impress your friends by dressing up as a Twitter fail whale, Twitter bird, an Angry Bird, a Facebook wall post, or a QR code. Find the photos and ideas here. ┬áIf that doesn’t inspire you, dress up as the celebrities that made Twitter’s hit list.

Scary Videos:

Get into the Halloween mood by scaring yourself with a few of these videos. OK, so they’re not all scary but they’re still fun to look at and get into the spirit.

Party Favors/Treats:

Your social media party isn’t complete without these pumpkin carvings. Instead of serving candy to kids, how about some iPhone smores, an Android ice cream sandwich, or some Twitter sticks?

The day isn’t complete without checking in on Foursquare and GetGlue to claim your Halloween badges, to scan Google for the latest drawing, and updating your status on Facebook with your fun cool nerdy Halloween social media party. How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Are you going nerdy or normal?






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