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I look forward to Thursdays. It’s my day to geek out at the iPhone app store. Thursday is the day the iPhone app store gets refreshed with new suggestions for the week. They also list up and coming apps that they think their users should download and check out. I’m a tech junkie and I also hoard apps on my phone. I’m sure most of you can relate.

One night while hanging out with friends. I was browsing my phone to see what was out there and I came across This app originally started as a walkie-talkie app amongst friends. It was a free way to send quick voice messages but now it had turned into a broadcast. The idea is still the same but now reaching a wider audience.

With the broadcast app, you can share a quick 30 second message and upload it to Twitter. While I love the idea, there’s no way to describe the message before it gets posted to Twitter or see who is following you which is a huge complaint by users and only the first few messages are shown on the screen without any idea as to where the rest might be located or if they’re even stored or saved.

I see huge potential for Blip. I’ve personally used it a few times to share a few thoughts on my mind that might go over 140 characters and gotten a huge following. I’m eagerly awaiting a new update. Are you on or have you thought of broadcasting your thoughts? Find me. My username is Suki.

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