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Finding a Targeted Audience on Twitter

Sep 12

Twitter bird

You’ve heard it again and again, that Twitter is a great channel for finding, connecting and conversing with other people. With millions of users, Twitter can undoubtedly be overwhelming, so where do you even begin to find the right, targeted people that you’d want to talk to? Here are three ways to join in on the right conversations so you can start building a follower base for your Twitter account:

1. Check out what’s “trending” – When you log into Twitter, see the section on your left hand sides that lists out what’s “trending”? Those are the most popular subjects that are going through Twitter at any given time. Click on a phrase or a hashtag and see what people are talking about. If someone tweeted something interesting, reply to them and add your input.

2. Search hashtags – Use the Twitter search feature to search for hashtags or keywords that are related to your business or industry. Twitter will pull up a feed of tweets in chronological order that contain your search terms, and from there you can sift through the hundreds of users that are already tweeting about what you specialize in. See a question about your industry? Answer it with a tweet! Not only are you helping the person out, but you’re creating a relationship with the person as well.

3. Go through lists – Want to find more people to follow, but still not sure where to begin? If you’re a local business, try finding the Twitter account of another local business or local public figure who has a large Twitter following. Then, go through their followers and see if there’s anyone there you can connect with! These people are most likely in your target demographic already, making your search for new people to follow much easier. And when you follow them, remember to start up a conversation with them too! Showing that you’re interested in their tweets will lead them to reciprocate the interaction (and interest!).

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Katie Wagner Social Media

Chau is a Content Editor at Katie Wagner Social Media. With a degree in Literary Journalism, Chau’s experience includes reporting, copywriting, technical writing and narrative non-fiction.

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