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How and Why You Should Be Tagging Your Location on Instagram

Oct 9

Did you know that, as well as tagging specific people in your Instagram posts, you can also tag your location? Tagging your location is easy and it allows your picture (and your account) to show up in the photo stream when people look up that particular location on Instagram. You can tag virtually any location: restaurants, beaches, parks…etc…

Here is how to tag your location on Instagram:

Before posting a photo, you are taken to the information page where you input a caption and all information about the picture you are posting. On that page, there is a “Name This Location” section. Tap this section.


Next you will be taken to a screen that will suggest locations based on those around you.


If you don’t  see your location or the location where you were when the photo was taken, simply input the location in the search field. 


After finding and selecting your location, it will be tagged in the picture. If it is tagged properly, the section that once said “Name Your Location” should be replaced with the location of the photo. If the “Add to Photo Map” tab is on, your photo will be stored on a personal Instagram map which documents the locations that you tag.


The benefits of tagging your location are two-fold. It shows that your business is active in the community and also exposes your business to a new audience. So get tagging! Tag at business lunches, corporate events, and company outings! It’s time to expose your business a new group of Instagrammers!

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Rachael is a Content Editor at Katie Wagner Social Media. She holds a degree in Visual Communications and is a talented copywriter, photographer and videographer.

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