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How to Customize Links Posted to Facebook

Sep 4

When regularly posting on your Facebook Page, it is wise to diversify your content. This can have you posting links to articles, powerpoint presentations, and videos on a semi-regular basis. Luckily Facebook provides you with a tool to customize these links so that they show up exactly how you want them to on your page.


To customize a link, first copy and paste it into the status update, along with whatever text you want to go with it.  It should look something like this:




To aesthetically clean up the post, it’s generally better to delete the text link above the dotted line. Next you will be able to customize the title, the link and the description. Sometimes the title and description don’t say exactly what you want them to or pinpoint the audience you are looking for. To customize them, simply drag your mouse over either until they turn yellow. Once yellow, you can click on that section to type in whatever you want.




Once you’ve got the text where you want it, you can move on to the image. If you want to change the image representing the link, then click on the “Upload Image” text located below the current photo.




Select the image that you want to represent the link and click “Open”.




Now your link will be fully customized and look exactly how you want it. All that’s left to do is hit “post” !


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Rachael is a Content Editor at Katie Wagner Social Media. She holds a degree in Visual Communications and is a talented copywriter, photographer and videographer.

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