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Feb 20

How To Make The Most Out Of KWSM Bootcamp

  Congratulations! You’ve signed up for KWSM Bootcamp. In just four weeks, you’ll learn how to master how to manage your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels. Even if you haven’t signed up to take all four courses, and chose to learn about a few specific social channels, you’re still way ahead of the […]

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Feb 19

Minding Your Manners: 5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Etiquette

With more than 1.23 billion people connecting with family, friends, and colleagues just on Facebook, it’s easy to see that social media channels are becoming the most public and digital forums of this generation. Along with social media comes a personal responsibility to ensure all postings on your personal account or your company’s page are […]

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Facebook’s Video Autoplay Feature, Instagram Kindness Instameet, LinkedIn Debuts Chatbots | Social Media Trends
Feb 18

Facebook’s Video Autoplay Feature, Instagram Kindness Instameet, LinkedIn Debuts Chatbots | Social Media Trends

Facebook knows you see the videos in your timeline; now it wants you to hear them with a new autoplay feature. Meanwhile, Instagram is celebrating kindness with its worldwide Instameet for 2017, and LinkedIn is keeping users connected with new features such as integrated “chatbots.” Here are the latest trending social media stories you need […]

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Call to Action, CTA, Social Media Call To Action
Feb 17

Writing Effective Calls To Action

A call to action (or CTA) is text or a graphic that prompts the user to click or otherwise engage with the brand. We’d argue they’re one of the most important pieces of your social media strategy puzzle. A well-crafted call to action can do wonders in the marketing world – it can drive more […]

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Feb 16

Breaking the Rules – Become a Social Media Rebel

You’ve been told there is a right way and a wrong way to market your business online. But in reality, there’s no one-way to do things. As social media professionals, we follow practiced and measured strategies that create a digital presence in front of an audience, as well as engage that audience. But sometimes, we […]

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