Katie’s Spreecast Interview with Mitch Jackson

Enjoy an exciting and informative interview between Katie and Mitch Jackson via Spreecast.  Mitch Jackson is an Orange County trial lawyer with a passion for social media on the side.   To view more of his fantastic content, make sure to visit his site.  For those of you not familiar with Spreecast, it’s an innovative video sharing program that allows for live interviews shown in real time along with audience participation capabilities.

Mitch and Katie discuss the important topics of communicating through social media. They cover who to connect with, how to connect with them and what to write.  As Katie explains, it is imperative to engage in “telling stories” via social media as well as strive to create an emotional connection with viewers and followers.

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Katie is the President of KWSM. Before opening the agency, she spent more than 15 years as a journalist, working for CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN and National Public Radio. Katie works with clients across the country and is a popular public speaker.