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New Ways to Approach Your LinkedIn Strategy

Feb 6
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New features have been released on the ever-popular professional social networking site, LinkedIn. In case you haven’t heard, or seen the newest features, below is a summary of the most recent elements to LinkedIn company pages.

Custom Images

LinkedIn has recently implemented a feature that now allows you to upload your own custom image in a post. Don’t like the thumbnail that automatically pops up with the link you insert? Change it! Choose a picture that you feel fits your content and your brand best, and see how it affects your engagement.

Show it Off

Another neat feature new to LinkedIn company pages are the showcase pages. A showcase page allows a company to – you guessed it – showcase different products and/or brands of a particular company. Each company page can have up to ten showcase pages, and more can be made available by contacting the LinkedIn team. It is important to note that the followers of your company page will not automatically transfer to your showcase pages. Those pages are reserved to attract new followers passionate about the product and/or brand you are showcasing, in a separate arena from your main company umbrella. Learn more about showcase pages here.

Sponsor It

Have you tried sponsored updates on LinkedIn? You can reach a wider audience of LinkedIn users not currently following your page by creating sponsored updates campaigns. These campaigns can be purchased on a pay-per-click basis, or in a variety of other options. The updates are easily gleaned from the landing page, and you can even choose the target audience you’d like to reach. To give it a try, or to learn more, go here.

Become Inspired

Sometimes, all we need is an example to get our creative juices flowing. Take a look at the best LinkedIn company pages of 2013, and use the inspiration to create valuable updates to your company page in 2014. The top ten pages of last year can be viewed here.

We hope you’ll take advantage of these new features!

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Monique is a Content Editor at Katie Wagner Social Media. With a degree in Screenwriting and Sociology, Monique has worked in film and publishing before joining the agency.

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