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Not All Social Media Agencies Are the Same

Apr 30
These days there are lots of social media companies out there. Many of them will offer to run your social media accounts for you.  But what does that mean?


Perhaps they will write posts on your page, but often those posts are scheduled through a syndication program like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. (They don’t tell you that Facebook de-prioritizes content that’s sent through those programs, and many of your fans won’t see it.)  Other social media companies won’t handle interactions with fans, because they aren’t ever visiting your actual page themselves.


At KWSM, we believe that in order to have an active community, you must have conversation. That’s why we do all of our posts live and are available all day long to interact with fans who comment.


Another difference is the content itself.  At KWSMwe’re all former journalists and we specialize in telling the story of your business. Let’s say you own a carpet store.  The other companies might write posts about different types of carpet.  But we come to your store and let you show us the carpet.  We take pictures.  We write blog posts about the differences in the carpet.  We make a video of you explaining which one you recommend.  Then, we use all that content to engage your audience and build credibility with your fans.


Comparing KWSM to other companies who offer social media marketing is like comparing a tricycle to a top-of-the-line racing bike. Hire the ‘other guys’ and everyone will see that you’re pedaling, but you’re not going anywhere fast.

What you get with Katie Wagner Social Media is a complete, managed social media strategy by people who have spent years as professional communicators.  Not just some posts on your Facebook page.


Be fearless. Get social.


Katie is President of Katie Wagner Social Media. Before opening the agency, she spent more than 15 years as a journalist, working for CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN and National Public Radio. Katie works with clients across the country and is a popular public speaker.

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