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As business owners, you want to make sure that potential customers know a lot about your business. But using more words isn’t the best way to do so. Apply the phrase ‘less is more’ to your writing tactics on Social Media. Your company’s online presence serves as a credibility piece and the way your audience perceives you is important.

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At times, you may be using too many ‘filler’ words that result in run on sentences. After you write a paragraph, read through it. While reading, look for words the paragraph can do without. Make it your goal to shorten the paragraph to as little as one sentence. Be aware of the words you are using and who you are speaking to. Knowing your audience is important when you write. Ask yourself if what you are writing is common sense or educational. Think about who your readers are and don’t bore them.

A popular misconception is that the more sophisticated words you use, the more credible it seems. The truth is, direct and concise writing has a better impact on your audience. Look at it this way, if you have to take a breath while reading a sentence – it’s too long.

The average attention span for online readers is about 3 seconds. This means that the majority of them may not read past the title of your article. Always think about writing headlines – the goal of writing a headline is to say the most in the fewest amount of words. Just remember, if what you wrote is boring, another article is always a click away.



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