LIVE from Katie Wagner Social Media, It’s the Social Media Help Desk!

This week, Managing Content Editor Jeff Soto sat down with Assistant Project Manager Alexandra Denton and Content Editor Melissa Emnas to discuss the latest trending news and tips, from how to improve the customer experience on your website to maintaining … Read More

How to Create a More Personal Connection With Your Audience Through Emails

It may be deemed as old-school by some, but email is actually a personal and effective platform to reach your audience. When you send out an email, it is addressed to the recipient, and if they choose to open it … Read More

Why Video Is The New King Of Content

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the impact of video is nearly boundless.  With not just a decline in traditional advertising but traditional avenues of viewing video (i.e.:, mainstream television) and the rise of video features across … Read More

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