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Instagram Grows in Popularity

Sep 9

What’s Relevant This Week in Social Media.

Social media has many caveats.  With frequent updates and resurfacing content, social media changes rapidly.  Be sure to keep up on the most pressing and intriguing issues to help you master the art of social media.  Using social media is one thing but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated and stay informed with the latest social media news.

In Case You Missed It

Instagram and Facebook have finally tied the knot.  The 2 social media power houses have finalized the acquisition, which was for $730 Million.  The 2 have been together for quite some time before their acquisition was completed.  Instagram, the popular photo app, which started as an independent project aside from Facebook, was created less than 2 years ago.  Read the full story.

Facebook has long been the social media giant.  It boasts more than 800 million users and is present in a dozen countries.  Originally starting in the United states, it quickly spread to parts of Europe and South America.  However the social media network has no plans of entering China.  China’s internet is regulated more so by the government as compared to the U.S. yet Facebook will not be making an entrance into China says Zuckerberg.  See why.

Instagram, recently acquired by Facebook, has been growing immensely in popularity.  It is becoming a great place to market your business.  Instagram allows companies to show their story instead of tell.  This allows followers and customers to get an inside scoop of a company.  People often connect more with photos thus making instagram an attractive new social media channel to attract customers.  See how instagram helps business.

Facebook is “the” social media channel.  It can often be though of as the originator, the excelerator, the catalyst, but whichever name you chose, there is no doubt that Facebook has played a major role in the development of social media.  How we use the internet and interact with each other the internet has changed.  For the better or worse is for you to decide, but Facebook has brought you closer to your community in ways you haven’t realized. Read how Facebook has joined communities.

Feature photo credit: @huyen_h 

John is a Content Editor at Katie Wagner Social Media. He is fluent in Spanish, and has studied business and online marketing internationally.

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