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Twitter Introduces New ‘Pinned Tweets’

Apr 8

thumbtacks, pinned tweetsTwitter recently introduced free “pinned tweets” to select accounts. Taking a cue from Facebook’s pinned posts where Facebook pages can pin a post to the top of the page, the new Twitter feature allows users to pin a tweet to the top of their account. If someone visits their Twitter feed, they will see the pinned tweet at the top of the feed, regardless of whether they have tweeted since then.

As you can see, a pinned tweet says that it is a promoted post and is at the top of the feed, even though other tweets have been sent out since this one. This feature has actually been around for a while, but only if you paid for it through Twitter advertising. It is now being released as a free feature to select high-profile users.

pinned tweets, twitter advertising advice

Using a pinned tweet can be a great way to highlight an upcoming event or a campaign that you want to raise awareness for. There is currently no indication when or if this feature will be available to the general public, but keep on the lookout for it! If it does become available, we will be sure to let you know!

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Stephen is Director of Operations at Katie Wagner Social Media. Before joining the agency, Stephen worked in Finance & Operations Management at two Fortune 100 companies and spent 5 years as a small business consultant.

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