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What to Tweet on Your Business Twitter Account

Jun 5
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The tweets that are sent out on your business Twitter account will look very different than the tweets that are posted on your personal account.

If you’ve just set up your business account, or are looking to start a Twitter business account, you may find yourself wondering what to tweet.

The following ideas may come in handy.

Tweet articles

When you find quality articles that relate to your industry, tweet them out! Don’t forget to mention the news source.

Tweet your company content

You know those blog posts you write, and the short videos you produce? Make sure your prospects are seeing them! Tweet them out as they are published so that your business can gain exposure, and so that leads are drawn toward your website.

Tweet copy from your website

You can create numerous tweets based off the copy on your website. Use your ‘About Us,’ ‘Our Services,’ ‘Media,’ or other sections to craft posts that are 140 characters or less. Make sure to leave room in these tweets so that you can include a live link that lands readers back to that page on your website.

Tweet photos from around your office

Take pictures of your office and your staff as you work, and tweet them! Your followers like to see the personal side to you and your business, and tweeting photos is a great way to do just that.

Tweet tips

You’re the expert in your field, so why not share that knowledge with your followers? You can create short tips that educate your fan base on a routine basis.

If you are looking to learn more about Twitter for your business, join us at our Social Media Bootcamp session on the topic on Friday, June 13 at the Katie Wagner Social Media Offices in Aliso Viejo, California.

We hope these ideas help you tweet away with confidence! For more social media news and tips, you can always find us on Facebook!

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Monique is a Content Editor at Katie Wagner Social Media. With a degree in Screenwriting and Sociology, Monique has worked in film and publishing before joining the agency.

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