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Who Posted That? Facebook Now Shows You

Feb 25
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Photo Credit: @sullivonski

Facebook recently released a feature for company pages that allow you to see which admin posted each post.

For example, let’s say you own a business and have a Facebook business page, of which you are an admin.  You also have 10 employees, and you have decided to make each of them admins on the page as well.  All 11 of you post as you find interesting information that you want to share with your audience.  However, what if there is a post that you do not like?  Perhaps there is a spelling mistake, or perhaps the post is inappropriate in some way.  Well, before now, there was no way of knowing which person posted each post.  You would have had to ask everyone who is an admin if they posted it.

Now, every post shows the person that posted it right under the profile name of the post.  Below is an example of how it looks.

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I posted this picture and as you can see, it says “Posted by Stephen Wagner” directly below Katie Wagner Social Media.

It’s important to note that this only shows to other admins and is not public.  So if you are just a fan of the page, it doesn’t show the individual who posted that particular post.

This is just a small change, but one that is worth noting because if you have multiple admins on one page, you can easily figure out who posted what.


Have questions about this?  Comment below!  Also, please connect with us on Facebook.

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Stephen is Director of Operations at Katie Wagner Social Media. Before joining the agency, Stephen worked in Finance & Operations Management at two Fortune 100 companies and spent 5 years as a small business consultant.

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