How to Build Brand Awareness and Reach your Audience
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We’re in the middle of an epic flu season. What do you reach for when your nose is running? A tissue, or a Kleenex? That, my friends, is brand awareness at its finest.  There are brands out there that have … Read More

Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs a Blog

  We live in a society that is highly saturated with products and services. Consumers take their time when buying, and they don’t buy the way they used to. Think about it, where do you go when you want that … Read More

How to Get Last Minute eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season

  The holiday season is a crunch, and while you likely got your eCommerce business positioned early, do you have the stamina to entice the procrastinators? It’s no surprise that many people still have a few items left unticked on … Read More

Is the Grinch Stealing your Organic Reach this Holiday Season?

When it comes to pushing out your content, Facebook is taking a close look at whether you’ve been naughty or nice. The algorithm decides whether you get lots of organic reach or a social media stocking full of coal.   While … Read More

How to Build Brand Awareness Using Social Media

  The biggest benefit of using social media for your business is that you have an opportunity to reach millions of people. Your audience can grow exponentially when you make the move to a digital strategy. There is a difference … Read More

How to Measure Success on Social Media

  Social media is like the 5-freeway at rush hour, jammed packed and hard to break through the crush. Facebook alone has nearly 2 billion monthly users, and about 50 million of those are businesses. So, your business is on … Read More

How to Write a Killer Blog for Your Business

  I’m sure you’ve been told over and over again that your website needs a blog in order to keep your customers on your page. You want to be seen as a resource for your audience and gain their trust, … Read More

Mapping Out Facebook’s Ad Manager for Success

For business owners, navigating Facebook can be like driving the autobahn – everything moves fast, and you aren’t always sure the direction you’re headed is the right one. Even more complex is Facebook’s ad manager. But fear not. Like AAA, … Read More

4 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Strategy Around

So, you tried a social media marketing campaign, and it didn’t exactly turn out how you expected. There is no better time like the present to retrace your steps, figure out where you went wrong, and create a shiny new … Read More

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