Leverage Your Engaged Audience With Facebook’s New Targeting Feature!
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Facebook’s new ad targeting feature is a game changer, and it will help you better target users who are interested in your content. Introducing Engagement Custom Audiences. Engagement Custom Audiences work like similar custom audiences but targets users who have … Read More

Mapping Out Facebook’s Ad Manager for Success
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For business owners, navigating Facebook can be like driving the autobahn – everything moves fast, and you aren’t always sure the direction you’re headed is the right one. Even more complex is Facebook’s ad manager. But fear not. Like AAA, … Read More

Mistakes Happen, Make Sure You Know How To Fix Them
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Everyone makes mistakes now and then. It’s a part of life, and learning out to recover from them is a vital part of growing up. However, there is difference between spilling someones drink at a coffee shop and putting something … Read More

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