How Facebook Groups Can Help You Reach More People on the Platform: Part 2
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Last week we presented 3 major ways Facebook Groups can help you reach more people and expand your brand’s presence. Let’s recap about how you can take advantage of the benefits of Facebook Groups: Educate people about your industry Gain … Read More

How To Keep Your Business Page On Facebook’s Good Side

Facebook is a business’s best friend, but it can be a fickle friend at times. Anyone who has spent time in Business Pages knows Facebook is always changing or experimenting with something new. Keeping up with the algorithm changes alone … Read More

4 Ways to Keep Your Cool While Managing Your Business’ Social Media

Stress gets the better of all of us at times, especially when where handling multiple moving parts and can’t seem to keep up. Social media—as much as we love it—can fit this bill at times. The fast pace world of … Read More

Facebook Is About To Change The Way Your Customers Talk To You.

Social media has completely shaped the way you communicate with your clients and fans. Instead of snail mail, phone calls, and dropping by in person, people are now tweeting at you and posting on your Facebook page. It’s helped people … Read More

4 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Strategy Around

So, you tried a social media marketing campaign, and it didn’t exactly turn out how you expected. There is no better time like the present to retrace your steps, figure out where you went wrong, and create a shiny new … Read More

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